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Asthma Treatment*

Difficulty in breathing,a whistling breezy sound while breathing could well be the symptom for asthma. It is a chronic disorder that narrows the bronchital tubes. It can affect the daily routine work and in some cases may also result in life threatening heart ailment. Asthma also intensifies when in contact with dust, pollutants, smoke, cold or other irritants. Asthma can complicate other medical conditions, therefore it is important to identify the allergants for effective treatment of the disease

According to Ayurveda, asthma is accumulation of kapa in the breathing airway. Improper digestion is considered as the main cause of asthma , in ayurveda. Therfore Ayurvedic treatment focuses on setting the digestion right thorugh herbal remedies to cleanse the toxins. In traditional system of medicine, asthma is treated according to the severity of the condition through herbal concotions and a set diet pattern