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Psoriasis Treatment in Chennai

RJR Hospital Best Ayurvedic Treatment for Psoriasis in Chennai, India. A genetic disorder that is usually trigerred by enviromental factors, Psoriasis might just look like a tiny appearance at the beginning, but in the due course of time might spread to other parts of the body. Red, scaly patches on the skin with itching is the symptom for psoriasis. If timely medical intervention is not made it could cause symptoms such as blackish discoloration of the nails, hair fall, swelling and pain in joints and inability to move the joints.

In Ayurveda, this condition is considered as weakness of vata and kapa. Acheiving body balance, detoxification and cleansing of the body is an important step in this system of medicine. The length and success of the treatment depends on the severity and your commitment to follow the regime. In Siddha too, the treatment for this condition begins with detoxification therapy to get rid of the toxins, then blood is purified through the administration of siddha medicines to strengthen the immunity system.

In Unani system of medicine, the treatment involves following a special diet, use of herbal compunds and necessary support practices that may be required.


Typical symptoms of Psoriasis are white silvery scales on scalp, itching, hair fall, dry lesions present behind, internal and external ear, multiple dry lesions present on localized areas or all over body, blood oozing due to itching, eczema present in armpits, beneath breast and groin region, scaling patches present on palms and soles, blackish discoloration of nails, swelling and pain in joints. Individuals may manifest partly or all of the above mentioned symptoms.